Monday, September 17, 2007

Wow... this is disturbing

Okay, so first a disclaimer: I am about to post a link that while none of the actual content is "wrong" (it isn't sexually explicit, no foul language, no violence or anything) the content is, for lack of a better word, disturbing. If you easily get angered I warn you to maybe just skip the rest of this post and come back tomorrow when we have something bright and cheery to talk about.

So if you are reading this, you either decided to ignore my disclaimer or like passing a bad accident you just can't turn away, so I will give you one more chance. Stop reading this post, it will make you angry, I promise.

Okay, you asked for it, here is the link and then I will provide my commentary on it below:

So justin and I have joked before about setting up/pre-arranging Maddie and Judah and I often joke about trading my daughter for 20 camels or something... but I had always considered that idea and topic so prepostereous in this day and age that I assumed everyone KNEW I was joking. After viewing that site, I think I may need to scale back on joking about selling off my daughter as apparently some people here in the US still take that seriously.

I don't even know where to begin. While I hold to a biblical view of marriage (man is the head of the household) I would never go so far to view my wife, much less my daughter, as some sort of "property" to be traded and sold. I know in olden times pre-arranged marriages happened, and I know pre-arranged marriages still happen (and can even be successful) but this isn't even pre-arranged marriage. This is auctioning off of young girls to a high bidder... thats the definition of slavery pretty much in my book. To think as a parent that you are so brainwashed into a cultish thought process that you would be willing to give away a child for monetary gain is just unthinkable. I would do pretty much ANYTHING to protect my daughter from harm.

The other thing that disturbs me so much is that this just reeks of "pedophile online shopping store" type website. What stops some pervert with lots of cash from buying some 13 year old girl to be his "bride"... uses her for a few years, and then discards her to buy his next victim. Not only that, but it would be completely legal from everything I can tell, and there would be no recourse to put some scumbag like that behind bars. Thats just what I want for Maddie let me tell you! Lets sell her for a couple of thousand dollars so she can be emotionally scared for life! Seriously, who buys into this type of thinking? And on top of that, as a parent, even if I believed in pre-arranged marriages who in the world would be willing to sell their daughter to some faceless internet stranger. Sure you might meet him and chat a few times before you give your daughter away, but really what do you know about the guy. The whole point behind pre-arranged marriages was the joining of families and what not, that you were giving your child away to someone you in theory at least KNEW so you could hope for a safe/happy/healthy home. There is NONE of that here.

Finally, the fact that peppered throughout their site is claims of "Christianity" and "following biblical principles" and other stuff makes me even more sick. To think that I get grouped in with these sicko's and whack jobs when someone talks about "Christians" only makes it 10x more infuriating.

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.justin said...

i can't believe this whole time you've been just joking about the judah + maddie matrimony...

so sad...

i've already designed a pen for all those camels too!