Thursday, September 13, 2007

I know it's not the end of the world

but it sure feels like it.

I know 99.9% of my readers could care less, and the one person that would care (my brother) is the one that sent me the info.

But seriously, the Blazers draft Greg Oden, my life couldn't be better. He never even suits up for a pre-season game and now he is out for the year (but more likely 2, as microfracture really takes 2 years to recover from).

And the worst part is this just feels like another Walton's Feet, Bowie's Leg, Sabonis's knees, and every other "Big Man who comes to Portland and immediatly has career altering injury."

Ugh, I missed work yesterday because I was physically ill. I feel like leaving work today because I am emotionally ill. Seriously, I actually feel like crying right now.

At least we will get to see LaMarcus and Frye work together, but boy don't most Blazer fans wish Randolph was still in town about now.

The other thing, so many Blazer fans that I know have been rooting for Darius Miles (who had the EXACT SAME SURGERY) to not be able to come back from his surgery so that he would retire and his salary would come off the books. Heck I was one of those people wishing he would retire. Now Greg Oden has the same surgery and everyone and their mom (especially my mom, a huge Blazer fan) is now praying that Oden can come back quickly from this surgery. I don't know what you call it, and I know a lot of Christians don't believe in it, but karma is a bitch ain't it.


Shalisa said...

I'm sure the Blazers have been through worse times. And the Twins lost Mauer for the first season and now that he's back he's pretty cheer up like a pirate day is only 6 days away!

A.ha. said...

Thats just what happens when your a blazer fan. Sorry.

.justin said...

i think jesus believed in karma.

and guess what we all deserve?


but then he comes in with his little grace/mercy/penal-subsitutionary-atonement dance and SHAZAAM! turns karma on it's head.

jesus wins.

Kenan Butler said...

I absolutely love this. Blazers are going to suck abother year, poor blazers fan.