Friday, September 21, 2007

I love Settlers

But dang, I can't imagine EVER spending $400 on a board game.

Some people must just have WAYYY to much disposable income on hand.

(Although, if someone with that extra disposable income wants to get me something for Christmas... well I wouldn't complain :p)


james d said...

remember that time we played settlers and i kicked your butt? that was cool!

Ryan and Shalisa said...

I hate you... wait, did I say that out loud?

.justin said...

you both are jealous i got to go to second friday strategy game night and you couldn't cause you were stuck doing super boring things with your wives... HA!



.justin said...


.justin said...

but seriously, second friday of the month... WRITE IT DOWN! we'll do it and it was great.

i look forward to it boys.

BTW: i think both of your wives are fun and you are real men for spending quality time with them. thanks for your good example to the rest of us and to the young men you are examples for!

Ryan and Shalisa said...

Lol, real men or examples or not... screw that! It's game time!

(okay, not really, thanks for the complement) But yeah, 2nd friday is TOTALLY reserved for game night.

And I will begin my conditioning regimen right now to prepare to be up until 3,4 or even 5 am if thats what it takes to defeat James at Settlers.