Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Big Girl

Grandma's Dress

I love my new dress made from my grandmother's dress pattern. It's not perfect, as the darts don't fit me well, and I'm a total ditz about figuring out how to make it work. So, I'll just make do. I recently bought fabric to make this dress, but couldn't wait, so found something lurking in the fabric stash. I'm so glad I did! Now, what to do with the new fabric coming? I might just have to make another one. Or find another vintage pattern. If you have any vintage patterns that you want to share, I'd love to check them out.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Little House, Big Fun

I love to make things. Especially for my girls. Sometimes though, I fear that all my effort is wasted. Not wasted in the fact that I didn't enjoy myself making something, but part of the enjoyment is working hard at something knowing how much someone else will love the end product. And sometimes...the clothes sewn go unworn, or refused. Sometimes the little toys are tossed and forgotten. Sometimes, there is no gasp of excitement that was expected. I told myself that maybe this wasn't going to be as great as I thought it would be, just in case my 2 days worth of effort were for nothing. But were they? I spent tireless hours recycling my garbage into small clocks and wall paintings and showers and hat stands, and really really enjoying it! I wouldn't even be finished with the current item when my mind kept going what else might I have lying around that I can transform. But...THIS made item of mine is very much well loved. If only for one night, I can tell this little house is big fun...and not just for the little girls, but big ones too. I have a salt dough family baking, and has been all day. Should be done soon, and then I'll paint them. So excited! This is my recycled dollhouse.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sitting Tall and High

Annora likes to follow in her big sister's footsteps. Sometimes I think she can't do something cause she's so little, but little shouldn't stop anyone. I think our highchair will be going away for good now. She's been enjoying sitting at the table, and mostly, wants to go without a sipping cup. Bring the towels to the table! And I'm out looking for a new booster. Ours was cheap and works, but is hard to clean, so, looking for something easy and goop friendly - hope it's out there.

And then there is my tiny pickle. ("pickle" is Maddie's self touted nickname, "Annora is peanut, and I am pickle" she says.) Today I scored at a garage sale down the street with some new dress-up duds. 1 dollar per dress and they came with shoes and wands and wings ! I was going to save them for when the girls are a little older and aren't constantly spilling raspberry jam on them, but Maddie was SOOOO excited that there was a big sleeping beauty dress for mommy so she could wear dress up too, that I might just be donning some fancy fare myself. There is so much fabric in one of the dresses that I could make each girl a frilly ballgown in red taffeta. But...for now, Maddie will wear the shoes :)


This year I have a rose bush with beautiful long stems! I think I cut them at about 16 inches! And this gorgeious peony with fun yellow center! I love plants.

Animals on Parade

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Thanks Terri

Maddie loves this huge pink bear. When she's supposed to be napping she has tea parties with it. She dressed it up, and she recently told me that next time we go to Disneyland, we must take it with us. She calls it the "big pink mama pooh bear". I'm thinking we should come up with a nickname for it.

These pictures were taken the day she got it after her nap, she brought it down and needed to have a picnic with it.