Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baby Haircut.

I absolutely loved Annora's wispy wild hair. But lately she's been getting some pretty nasty snarls in it, and as her whole head is now growing hair I decided to go ahead and give it a trim. It was really hard for me to cut away behind the ear wisp. It was too cute to me. But after trimming up the back I decided I had to. I thought I'd cut her hair while she was eating lunch, but after the first two cuts she decided she was done eating, and REALLY wanted those scissors. So we moved to my lap at the table, and then had to move to the was crazy. But. It's done, and it's sweet and now we won't have to yank her hair out getting the rats out.

Thought some of our readers might also enjoy some pics of our Igloo addition.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow '08 Update

Currently it's not snowing. But the snow isn't going anywhere fast. We sure have been enjoying this mountain luxury however. I became the sled dog yesterday for a lap around the house with Madeleine. And Ryan started building a fort for her during her nap time. Which then after some discussion about igloos and watching some YouTube clips, one in particular "snow fort 2008", inspiration to what was assumed too difficult became reality. Madeleine thinks it's delicious. Because of course anything made of snow is made to eat...right!? Maddie said today after trying it out that she wanted to go upstairs and indicated that she'd like to go to the roof of the igloo. Perhaps she is remembering "snow fort 2008" and so we may try to add on tonight. In all honesty, I'm tired. But snow play is pretty fantastic. It's been too many years since I've hit the slopes, and decided I wasn't letting this opportunity to ski in my backyard pass by. So that's what I did. Our tiny little slope was too sticky and not steep enough to offer anything for me, so I skied out onto the road and took a couple "runs" down the Aycliff hill. I think Madeleine must be tired too...cause when we were out in the snow she kept asking for a pillow and blanket. Once we got down to specifics she wanted me to make her a snow pillow and blanket. I made the pillow, but try explaining to a 2 year old that making a blanket out of snow just isn't really a possibility. I told her I could bury her in snow or I could get her a real blanket. She chose the real blanket. And laid like this for 15 minutes till she decided it was cold and time to go in.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spring must be coming!

We got this catalog in the mail yesterday, and I had to chuckle as the snow is currently piling up to my knees and it happens to be the first snow of the season...AND as I looked on the calendar to day it told me that TODAY happened to be the first day of winter. So...either Land's End knows something I don't about the crocus's blooming, or they might want to think about selling fleece and down for a tad bit longer.
Well, Christmas is 4 days away, and unless we're headed for a flood, we'll be having a white one! For awhile we were snowed in. But Ryan used his manly strength to weight his truck while also clearing the driveway. Ryan is low on gas in the truck so needs to get it to the gas station and we might get some chains for the Santa Fe. If so, maybe then we can actually get to see our family on Christmas...we'll see. If not who wants to adopt us come Christmas day?

The littlest Smith has been napping through our romp. But Madeleine enjoyed herself quite a bit. She mostly enjoyed walking around with her hands in her pockets (because the mittens annoy her) and getting "stuck" in the snow, which involved falling over every two steps and then enjoying a lick of snow. Eating snow is probably her favorite thing to do with the white fluff. But in all honesty, I ate some myself, and it brought back good cold memories. :)Ryan helped us build this mammoth snowman. I almost thought it was too big to build...but then it all came together. We gave this one a mustache and a piece of grass to chew on. Maddie gave it...are you ready for it! NIPPLES! Yep. You read it right. Nipples. Slightly anatomically incorrect, and perhaps you can't see this one I took a picture of very well since it's made of snow...but it's there, the nipple she gave the snowman.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sled Time

Today Ryan went in search of a sled.
We've been using a box, and Shelton is pretty much sold out of sleds, but he found one! And since he got off an hour early we got some good sledding time in! Maddie has been having a great time with the cardboard box. But I think she might like the real thing better. Especially since it comes with it's own rope tow!

After sledding down the "big" hill down the road, Annora woke up from her nap in time to get in on the action. She wasn't quite sure at first. But as soon as big sister gave her a tow, she thought it was alright. Then the both went for a ride, which was sweet as pie with big sissy holding tight to little sissy so she wouldn't fall out...

Unfortunetely that's exactly what happened. Both girls got dumped into the snow on their way up our little sled track. Annora didn't even get to ride down it. She was pretty upset. But who wouldn't be after breathing in some white fluff. A sad end to a fun evening...but easily remedied with some lobster cookies. Thanks Auntie Beth and Uncle Kyle!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Day of Firsts

Today was the first snow of the season,
which opened the door to the first snowman of the season, and Annora's first contact with the white stuff.

Annora found Maddie's apple on the floor. Not her first taste of apple...but her first taste in this form. She handled it very well until it was bedtime and I had to pry it from her sticky little hands. I know what can keep her happy for an extended period of time now.

And though these are not my first dolls, this is my first attempt at a large waldorf style doll. Lots of things I wish I had done better. But I think they are beautiful, and I have years to perfect my skills.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tis the Season...

...for villages!
I kind of wish I was really really tiny so I could live there for awhile.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Yummy Sticky Goodness

What did we do on December 1st? Started baking! Yeah! Actually...we bake not just during the holidays. Some weeks we bake something everyday. I have no idea why I don't look like the Pillsbury doughboy. On this day I had seen a recipe for marshmallows. I tried to make homemade Peeps a couple years back and failed miserably. These seemed easy enough and they had been half dipped in chocolate. Yum! We gave it a whirl. As you can tell, it was a success.