Saturday, September 08, 2007

Nearing the End (Shalisa)

We only have 1 full day of Disney magic left. A little sad, seeing everything at a slower pace with time to enjoy the resort pools I think gives a longer tolerance for how long they can vacation here.

We've pretty much seen and done everything and enjoyed it all so very much. Yesterday we stopped off at Animal Kingdom in the afternoon to enjoy the parade before we headed to Boma for dinner. Maddie thoroughly enjoyed every part of the parade sitting high on Daddy's shoulders. Ryan and I actually have never watched an afternoon parade on any of our trips together. We choose to ride the rides while everyone else in the parks is busy watching Mickey cruise by on some fanciful rig. But with Madeleine in tow, we thought she just might enjoy a fun parade, and I have to say it was an enjoyable even for everyone.

Boma was delicious as always. For those not familiar, it is a restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge featuring mostly South African foods. It's a "grazing" restaurant, and I especially love their fried plantain corn salad, falafel, fufu, and banana bread pudding. We had a really great server, which we decided helps make the food taste better...not that Boma needs any help with that! And Maddie, our little hollow leg eater, ate 2 plates of mac n cheese and fries...she munched and munched and munched!

By this morning I had the "sickness". But I'm doing pretty good, and everyone else is pretty much over it all. It's a short lived cold, which is nice to know. And it seems to respond fairly well to cold medicine.

We headed to Epcot today to see a few things we hadn't gotten around to yet. We still have several countries to explore tomorrow, but used fastpasses to ride Soarin' and Ryan was able to just walk onto Test Track. We tried out Figment again with Maddie, which she again thought was great till the very end when they blast you with lights, wind, and noise. It scares me too.

We're going to try and see the Magic Kingdom afternoon parade today and then eat a nice meal at the Liberty Tree Tavern with Goofy. I'm really looking forward to seeing Maddie interact with more characters, she seems to thoroughly enjoy them.

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