Saturday, September 01, 2007

We've made it to Salt Lake City

So I am now sitting in the Salt Lake City Airport. We made it no problem, our stroller wasn't damaged (which was Shalisa's MAJOR concern for this trip, that the stroller would be damaged by baggage handlers), and Maddie had her own seat for the flight. We have been really blessed by the Delta flight attendants as the lady here in Salt Lake City who we talked to about gate checking our stroller checked to see if the seat between us was filled, and then said she would do everything that she could to keep it empty (which is great!).

We are trying to see if Maddie will take another nap in the stroller (I doubt it... but we can hope) as we sit and wait at the gate here. We have another 40 minutes or so before we take off so hopefully Maddie can grab a quick 30 minute catnap to hold her over.

The flight from Portland to Salt Lake went well for Maddie, towards the end she started to get restless (which could be problematic, as our next flight is almost exact twice as long) but overall she had her coloring crayons, her stickers, and the life saver: her portable DVD player.

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