Friday, October 30, 2009


...I feel like this -and sometimes I think I look like this -

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lost and Found

I couldn't figure out where these pictures went. The digital age is supposed to make things simpler...I'm glad I found them. Isn't this girl grand!?! I love her expressions. She is always making me laugh!

What One Does For Love.

Do you like people to see your closet? Most people don't. My house is neat only because my closets are messy.

I challenged Ryan today to a task and to help him out I told him I'd go home and make the kitchen spic and span...he requested to be able to walk into the closet instead. I told him I'd post pictures, here you go my love.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Maddie is Drawing

Maddie make some great art. I love it. I love that she tells me all about. I love that she's starting to make multicolor pictures. Like yesterday she gave a person hair in a different color than the body. But today...she drew me a picture of a big chicken, a little chick, an egg that was cracking (which was perfect by the way) and LOTS of poop. She actually counted all the poop. It was funny. All the green parts are the poop.

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Room

This is LONG overdue. But every time I thought to take pictures it was nap time. So, if you don't know already, I decided to paint Annora's bed turquoise, and decided shortly after that to put the girls in the same room. Which meant I had to paint some in Maddie's room, which turned out perfect. I've been long needing to put a border of some sort at the top of the wall, and the yellow scallops were quick and added a great whimsical touch. My Mom then found the perfect bed linens, a turquoise chenille and a patchwork in all the colors in the room. I'm in love. And the girls love their room too. Actually, Maddie gets pretty upset when she can't take her nap in there. She isn't quite beyond naps, but most days she rests for 20 minutes and then starts playing, sometimes screaming, "Annora, Annora!" because she really wants her to wake up so she can have a playmate. So the nursery turned playroom now has a bed in it for "Mom's sanity hour".

Speaking of Mom's kids do stuff like this:What's that in the bathtub you ask? You don't want to know, but I'm going to tell you anyway. It's poop. Annora crawled in the tub after bath time and pooped in the tub. Maddie thought it was hilarious.

I've decided that all kids are like that. My kids are not unique in their quest to find new crayon canvas, unusual ways to eat food, and explorations of all kinds. But when these things happen, us parents can't imagine why a person would do such a thing, and they don't envision other kids doing the thing their child just did. But around the block Bobby Jo is using chocolate milk to paint smiley faces on the sliding glass door too. I'm just glad these things make me laugh. It makes my life richer.

In my past post of vaseline queen it reminded our parents and Ryan's grandma their own vaseline queen moments. There was a gallon jar of honey, peanut butter (on shag carpet nonetheless) and a container of Comet.

Life makes me smile.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Come Over and Play!

Ryan worked for two full Saturdays and various hours throughout the last 2 weeks to accomplish my vision of a play structure with playhouse. We still have the play areas underneath to finish and we need a swing, but I think she's a beaut. Three cheers for Ryan!