Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Magical Morning

So everyone woke up bright and early at 7:15 this morning and started to get ready for the day. We ended up arriving at the park at around 8:15, about 15 minutes after it had opened. We headed straight for Fantasy land to ride some of the rides.

The first ride we did was Winnie the Pooh. Both Shalisa and I were a little concerned that Maddie would get scared during the dream sequence when the hephalumps and woozles were all around. It turns out, that was Maddie's favorite part of the ride! She was waving at herself in the mirror, pointing at the hephalumps and generally having a grand time. We ended up riding Winnie the Pooh twice, both times we were able to just walk on to the ride with no wait.

We then headed over to Peter Pan and hopped in our pirate ship for take off. Maddie never got upset during the ride, but she didn't really seem that interested on anything on that ride either. The ride is sort of dark so it is harder to see things, and it is more "realistic" than cartoony like Winnie the Pooh, so we only rode it once since Maddie didn't seem that interested.

After that we walked over to the carousel and Maddie mounted up on a horse. This was no doubt about it her favorite ride. I think she knew what was going to happen because of her previous carousel rides and she was very excited to get on the horse. We rode around once (with Goofy riding along behind us) and Maddie did not want to get off. I don't think we even had to get off (there was only like 4 people in line when the ride ended) but we decided to follow the rules and exit the ride. We then promptly got back on and let Maddie ride around once more. I am sure before the week is out we will have more trips on the carousel.

After that we looked at riding Dumbo but the line was pretty long (at least a 5 or 10 minute wait) and being the line snobs that we are (anyone that has been to Disney just chuckled at/hates me for complaining about 5-10 minute wait on Dumbo) we decided we would do it another morning when we know that it will just be a walk on ride.

So at 9:00 the rest of the park opened up so we headed down to Tomorrowland. We all jumped on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin and took a shot at taking down the Evil Emperor Zerg. Again both Shalisa and I were surprised at how much Maddie enjoyed this ride and it is definitely something we will do again.

Once we got off Buzz I headed over to Space Mountain while Shalisa and Maddie stopped to pick up a snack and ride the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover. Space Mountain was... Space Mountain. Nothing exciting (it's not my favorite ride) but I always feel obligated to ride it at least once a trip, especially since it was another walk on ride (no line). When I got off I found Shalisa as her and Maddie were just exiting the People Mover and Shalisa told me Maddie loved it and that I will have to ride it with her at a later time.

We then headed over to the Monsters Inc Laugh Factory and watched that show. It was a definitely over Maddie's head (although she did join in with clapping and raising her hands when everyone else was doing it) but as both Shalisa and I had never been to the attraction before it was a treat to do for a first time. I have heard mixed reviews of this show but Shalisa and I were in agreement that it was definitely a good show and we would recommend it.

After we exited the comedy show we headed up to Mickey's Toontown Fair and wandered around Mickey and Minnie's houses. Maddie had a fun time crawling on chairs, pushing buttons and playing around on all the houses. We spent about 20 minutes in the Toontown Fair and then headed on our way to get lunch.

We decided to eat at the Columbia Harbor house, but on our way we decided to stop at Small World figuring Maddie would like it. She didn't seem all that interested or excited about Small World, so thankfully Shalisa and I have no plans to re-ride it. We then ordered our lunch, and then headed out of the park right at 12:00. It seemed like we were the only people headed out and many people were actually still headed in. We got on the bus and while driving to our resort it just started to sprinkle on the bus window (first rain we have seen this trip) so we figured today was an excellent day to make an early exit of the park and avoid getting soaked.

Maddie is napping now and when she wakes up I think we might hit either the pool or the pop jets before heading over to Epcot. Hope everyone has a Magical Day!

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LIZ said...

You guys look like you are having a blast. I am a little jealous sitting here looking out at the cloudy day thinking about what I can make for lunch for me and the kids. If only we had pineapple flavored icecream:)