Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Being a SuperHero is Tiring.

The girls have a new love - "The Justice League". I love that our girls are open to more than pink princesses. It has a lot to do with the Dad and his childlike nature and reliving his wonderful childhood again with his kids. Previously we were watching the Tailspin shows, but recently some friends came over and their boys brought "The Justice League" shows. Madeleine was captivated by Wonder Woman. The very next day she started asking me for some blue star panties and a red bra. Ummm...no - but I will give her the next best thing - the wonder woman dress. She still wants some star panties for some reason. And I have to tape paper stars to her ears...I sure do love these kids. Annora is as quirky as Madeleine. The sweater you see her wearing is a 0-3 month sweater in my "to be made into dolls" pile. She REFUSED to have me cut it and DEMANDED to wear it then and there. What the hay - I pick my battles, and this was not one of them.

I was asked today to make Annora a Hawk Girl costume. But think instead of a 4 and 2 year old saying it - which sounds a lot like "hot girl". (me snickers) Two days ago the girls watched a show and the green lantern said something like, "Why do I feel like a hot dog". This is what the girls heard, and kept saying and laughing hysterically over for the last 2 days. I love it. Tonight, Madeleine requested the hot dog show. I watched it with them this time. Guess what - Green Lantern ACTUALLY says (after being beat up) "why do I feel like a hockey puck". Ha! I love these kids and I love superheros. Poor Annora got zonked last night from all her superhero superheroing. After she fell asleep under the table naked I just let her be - don't wake a sleeping bear. :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Proud Owner...

...of her new pillow pet! It's name is her usual "Pretty Princess (insert name of animal)". In this instance, a unicorn. She's been wanting one of these since we happened to let her watch Nick Jr. -not realizing that they have commercials for Sketchers and Pillow Pets every 10 minutes.

Last week while we were watching Maddie during swim lessons, Ryan decided that he would give Maddie a pillow pet if she held her head under the water for 5 seconds. (She's a face-in-the-water-phobe)Without realizing the power of the pillow pet, he told her this while she was in the water and BAM! She did it. We told her after lessons however that she had not been a good listener with her teacher(truth), so she had to prove herself obedient this lesson. And the teacher gave her a task as well - 3 dives. She did great. A bonafide swimmer. Maddie got to ride in the truck with her Dad to pick out her special friend. Welcome to the family Pretty Princess Unicorn.