Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sitting on the Bus, headed to WDW!

So we have made it to Orlando! Maddie is as wide awake as can be (which doesn't bode well for tomorrow morning) but she has been a great little traveler.

The flight from Salt Lake City to Orlando was pretty uneventful, since they don't offer meal service Shalisa had purchased these freeze dried meals that you just add hot water to. I was skeptical (to say the least) but they turned out GREAT. The stewardesses even thought they smelled good and wanted more info on them, as they are always looking for food they can have on the plane.
There probably won't be another post until mid day tomorrow when we are back from Epcot and Maddie is going down for her nap. I think tomorrow might be a tough day for her as we will be working on getting her on the right timezone (as well as ourselves) but overall I am not too worried. Worst case scenario our little girl sleeps in a bit in the mornings... since that NEVER happens at home, maybe this will feel like a vacation.

Edit to add: Bonus video of Maddie grooving to the music on the bus. Not sure if this will work, but hopefully...

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kristi said...

Maddie is quite the dancer! :)