Sunday, September 02, 2007

Maddie's First Ride

So we all woke up a bit later than usual, but by 9:00 am we were all awake and getting ready for the day. We unpacked a bit (didn't do a lot of that last night) and then headed out for Epcot.

The first thing of note is that Space Ship Earth (The Epcot globe) is once again "naked." This is actually how I remember it, as for my first 2 trips to WDW there was never anything hanging on it. Some time in 98 or 99 they erected a big "2000" over it for the millenium celebration. Then, later on they converted the 2000 into Mickey's hand holding a wand over the globe. Shalisa has never actually seen it in any other state than adorned, so for her it was the first time seeing it in it's original state.

We headed over to Le Cellier and had our first meal in WDW of this trip. Boy what a doozy! For an apetizer I had duck and Shalisa had some tomato thingy. Then for our meanl I had a Fillet Minion while Shalisa had a New York Strip steak (Maddie had a hot dog if anyone is counting, this is number 1 of what I am guessing will be about 20). Then for dessert I had chocolate "moose" (it's Canadian themed) while Shalisa had lavender (yes, as in the flower) ice cream (which really wasn't that bad and pretty interesting flavor) on top of cherry shortbread.

It was a wonderful meal, and then we decided to take Maddie on her very first Disney ride ever. I decided that I thought Journey Into Imagination with Figment would be a good trial run ride. It's dark at times, has some loud bangs and puffs of air, and is definitely not the most tame ride in the world, while still being what most would consider still a kiddie ride. Maddie passed with flying colors! She got a little worried when it went pitch black, but recovered pretty quick when Figment showed up (she really seemed to like following him around) and then she did scream for a second when there was a loud bang, flash of light, and puff of air at the end when Figment transforms the set. But again, it is meant to be shocking/surprising, and as soon as they got 5 seconds into the song she was smiling and clapping along, so she did GREAT.

This really eases a lot of my concerns, I know there will be rides I will be surprised she has a tough time, and I know there will be rides that will scare her, but I think they will be few and far between. If she can handle this ride she will love 99% of the other rides we plan on taking her on.

We are back in the room now for nap time, which is another interesting chore, trying to get her to sleep while we are in the same room. I will ask for prayer on our sleeping arrangements, both nap time and night time. Maddie seems to get really interested when other people are in the room, so it could be a challenge getting her to sleep, we will see.

Alrighty, so while uploading the images above, Maddie finally fell asleep. It took about 20 minutes to get her to sleep, but thats not horrible. Hopefully in the coming days we can trim that down, but overall things are going great. After Maddie wakes up we are going to head over to MGM I think.


cindy said...

hey guys! this sounds like so much fun. daniel and i have wanted to do some sort of "disney" together for years but it will probably end up being pushed into the future when taking kids becomes our excuse. :)

tell shalisa hi for me, and to call me when she gets back so we can get together sometime. have a great rest of your trip.


Ryan and Shalisa said...

Thanks cindy, I will do.

Shalisa and I are self admitted Disney junkies, so if you ever need a push to go visit the mouse, talk to us and we will be practically drowning you in information :p

beauty school drop out said...

Sounds like the first day is off to a great start.

So Brian and I were thinking Next Disney trip we should go with you. Well if you will have us that is.

Have fun!

kristi said...

I want Shalisa's meal! Sounds yummy! Minus the tomato thingy, of course!