Friday, September 07, 2007

My Return to the Game

So my 1 day on the injured list seemed to do me well. While I am still a bit congested my nose has stopped running and I am feeling pretty good. Still a little "tired" feeling but I figure give it one more day and I will be tip top. Thanks to Shalisa for covering for me yesterday.

So today we woke up bright and early at 7:00 so we could take advantage of another Little Ones Magic Hour at Magic Kingdom. We arrived a bit later than we had planned (our bus took FOREVER) and so we didn't get into the park until about 8:20. The first thing we did was head on over to Dumbo. The line was SUPER long and Maddie and I ended up having to wait like... 8 minutes or something horrible like that. The good news is Maddie seemed to LOVE flying in Dumbo, she smiled and waved the whole time... although I am not sure if that is good news, as this means on any return trips chances are high I will be dragged back on to that horrid ride. I find it funny that everyone hates It's a Small World yet I am the only person passionately opposed to Dumbo. I mean at least It's a Small World has air conditioning, there is NEVER a line, your floating on water so you can kind of rock yourself to sleep... yes it has a really annoying song but thats why God made ear plugs. Dumbo on the other hand is out in the blazing sun, the line queue has like no shade, the line always takes like an hour on a typical Disney day, the ride lasts all of MAYBE 40 seconds, and all you do is spin around in a circle and make yourself sick... doesn't sound like good times to me. ANYWAY....

After Dumbo we went and rode the carousel again, which Maddie of course loved again. After we got off that we went over and on Grandma T's advice we decided to try another 3D movie. We tried out Mickey's Philharmagic. The movie was louder and darker than I remembered, but surprisingly Maddie did really well in it. She loved hearing all the musical instruments and nothing was so intense (except for maybe the water, for a girl who loves to play in water she hates being surprised with it splashing in her face).

From Philharmagic we left the theater and walked down by the Tea Cups. While we were there Tigger bounced on by and Maddie was entranced the whole time pointing at him and jabbering away. When we arrived both Alice and the Mad Hatter were riding the Tea Cups so Maddie pointed and laughed at them. Then Shalisa took Maddie on a ride on the Tea Cups. Now understand I don't actually ever get sick on Dumbo but it isn't a huge stretch of the imagination to think that I COULD get sick on Dumbo. So the chances of me getting on the Tea Cups are about zero and none... barfing up breakfast doesn't sound like a "Magical Moment" to me. So Shalisa and Maddie rode the Tea Cups, which I am glad to say both seemed to really enjoy and both were able to walk straight when the ride finished, so I don't think any permanent brain scrambling went on.

After spinning ourselves sick (not really) we headed down to Tomorrowland and picked up a sweet cream cheese pretzel... wow was that good! We hopped on the TTA People Mover and rode it around for 10-15 minutes and Maddie really did seem to enjoy the ride.

After that we disembarked and headed straight into Buzz Lightyear where this time I jumped into a car by myself right ahead of Maddie and Shalisa. This way I could snap some pictures of both of them driving around fighting the evil forces of Zerg. Sadly, I spent so much time shooting pictures of Maddie and Shalisa I didn't fare so well in fighting Zerg. I only scored about 300,000 points, which is a far cry from the 999,999 points I have scored before to be a "Galactic Hero." Although I am proud to say that even with being distracted by taking so many pictures, I was the highest score of anyone around me... which really speaks to how BAD everyone is at shooting Z's, not how good I was (both Kyle and I have been Galactic Hero's with 999,999 on previous trips. My parents ALSO have gotten the 999,999 score, but in fairness they cheated, the ride broke down on them and they were trapped in the room for like 5 minutes just racking up points, both Kyle and I scored it legitimately).

After Buzz we headed over to Main Street and had our picture taken as a family in front of the castle a couple of times. One of the things we got in our package was a free 5x7 photo so we figured we would have a few pictures taken and then we would pick out the best.

We went down main street, out the exit, into the monorail and over to the Contemporary Resort to eat at Chef Mickey's. This is both Shalisa and I's first "breakfast" at Disney and I must say... I would definitely do that again. The food was great and having the characters wandering around was really fun as well. I think Maddie is starting to get used to the characters as she actually engaged them this time, gave them high fives, hugs, and even kissed Mickey right on the nose.

Well we are back in our room letting Maddie sleep, and I only have 3 more episodes of Lost to go, so I need to end this post, Have a great day, see you real soon.

This picture is for my co-workers, I just want them to know I was thinking of them while in Disney:

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John said...

So Ryan loves Dumbo and the Tea Cup. I am glad to see that Maddie is having a great time. So your bringing bacon back to the office with you on Tuesday? Glad you're thinking of us.