Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sitting in PDX

So Shalisa, Maddie, and myself are all sitting at gate D5 in PDX waiting to board out plane. The first leg of our flight is from PDX to Salt Lake City, we have a 1 hour plane change there, and then we continue on from there to Orlando. So far our little plan of having Shalisa book a window, and Ryan book an isle is working out. There is no one sitting between us, which means Maddie will get her own seat, nothing is guaranteed until we take off, but that would be a great blessing from God if she wasn't in our laps the whole time.

Going through security with my cast was... interesting. First of all we are the Smith's, so we have 47 different electronic devices to check through security, and then because of my cast they want to do a whole bomb/explosive sniffer thing. So I got pulled off to the side to get treated like a terrorist while Shalisa is left with Maddie, 2 pieces of carry on luggage, a stroller, and 47 different electronic devices she has to hurry and stuff back into their bags. Luckily we arrived early so we weren't in any rush, but I think it flustered her a little bit anyway.

I made it through the security check (FOOLED THEM! :p) and now we are sitting at our gate waiting to board. We took Maddie for a stroll and she fell asleep in about 5 minutes, which is another great blessing, as even if it is only a short catnap, any sort of sleep for Maddie will pay off later.

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