Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Maddie Talking...


Well, really Mom is doing all the typing, but I really just wanted to talk to Daddy since he's been away the last couple days and I don't get to see him till Thursday. I miss him a lot, and want him to see what I've been up to lately.

So, I haven't really learned anything new as of yet. But, I did get to go in my excersaucer, which I'm still a tad too little for, but I really didn't mind, actually I thought it was a ton of FUN! I can't wait till I can go in it again.

Mom is helping me get on a really good schedule. I take naps pretty often, and they are getting longer and longer. Sometimes I wake up and have to fuss a little bit, but I'll go back to sleep after a little bit. The first night time without Dad was okay, but I could tell someone was missing. It will be nice when he's home and I can sleep more soundly-I feel safer with Dad around.

Today we took a walk, and then we took pictures of me and Mr. Piccadilly. I think for the rest of the day I'm going to play and read and maybe take a bath. Then it will be bedtime again!

When I wake up in the morning Uncle Cameron and Grandma T. will be here to visit me. I have to get lots of rest tonight so that they can play with me. We miss you Dad, see you real soon!

Weekend Warriors

This weekend was our weekend to visit family and friends in Oregon. With so many people to visit in so short amount of time it can get pretty crazy, but we were able to see most everyone we wanted to see except for cousin Cyndi who has recently graduated. We saw good friends Steph and Matt who gave us a yummy BBQ dinner, and Maddie enjoyed a nap in the papasan chair, just perfect for her!

We enjoyed some good ice cream with Bob and Sue while Maddie enjoyed her fingers.

We met Grandma Arline at the Roadhouse before we went up to meet friends Brian and Sara at the REI sale. And then headed to dinner with the cousins. Good time had by all.