Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hello From Paris!

I am using a French keyboard so this may have a few mistakes.

Shalisa and I survived our flight from O'Hare to CDG. We ended up sleeping for almost 12 hours the first night!

We had a relaxing time in Brussels and took the Thalyes train into Paris this morning. We just checked in to our hotel about 20 minutes ago and then went out for a bite to eat. We found this great internet cafe that is only about 5 minutes from our hotel and I am making a post from here. The computers here have an an available USB connection so in a day or 2 I will try and post a few pictures.

Oh, and in Belgiu, we purchased 200 grams of chocolate and had it eaten in about 15 minutes. We went and purchased some more, but I fear that it is not long for this world either.

Au revoir!


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