Saturday, February 12, 2005

Pictures Finally!

Well there has been a bit of excitment here while I was trying to make this post. In the middle of my typing we got a phone call from the Shelton police that they had found my car. The Ski rack was ripped off, the stereo was torn out, the golf clubs were gone and they damaged the ignition so they key doesn't really work any more, but except for a cracked tail light and a few dents around the bumper it is in pretty good condition (which is, in my opinion, about the best news I could hope for).

The pictures were posted on Page 3 and Page 4. Among the pictures is some great shots that Shalisa took of Uncle Dean in action pushing a tree over and carrying some logs and most exciting off all, our new water meter! This is now the first "official" utility available at our property and we are hoping in the next week that our electric will show up as well.

We went out and chatted with Uncle Dean this afternoon and he thought that maybe either tomorrow or Monday he would be bringing out the dozer to start scraping the dirt. There is only about 3 or 4 more trees that are going to be falled, and all of them are going to be done by a chainsaw because they are in the area down on the front of the property that we are going to try and leave as a little green belt.

The last picture right now on page 4, the one that I posted here on the blog as well is a picture of a Hiline Plan 2776 that is being built a few miles away from our current property. Shalisa and I snuck around the house a bit (shhh, don't tell anyone) and the inside must have just been framed, so we were really able to get a feel for how big the different rooms were and stuff which was great. We took a lot of pictures of the inside and I will post those tomorrow, so there is something to look forward to :)

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