Tuesday, March 01, 2005

So sad... have the wrong cord for USB :(

Because I have the wrong cord that means no pictures until we get back :(

But I can tell you what we have been up to. Yesterday we visited Disneyland Paris and MGM Studios Paris. I think my favorite atraction was Motuers Action! which was a stunt show similar to the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt spectacular but with cars flying through the air (literally) and people running around on fire (also literally!). I think Shalisa's favorite atraction was Alice's Curious Labrynth which was a huge hedge maze in Disneyland.

Today we visited Notre Dame in the morning, but due to the weather (cold, brrrr!) the Tower climb is closed for right now. We will try again later in the week and hopefully they will reopen. We also saw St. Chapelle which had an AMAZIING amount of stained glass. We headed back to our hotel around 3 and decided to call it a day early so that we could rest up (we are both tired, Disney always does that) plus tommorow we are headed to the Louvre which will probobly exhaust us once again. Sorry about the lack of pictures, but once we get back I am sure there will be no shortage of them

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