Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Update from PDX

So here is the last update before we head off to Paris.

There was some really good news on the house building front. We had Steve from Hiline Homes out at noon today and he signed off on scheduling the foundation guys!

We had quite a bit of trouble trying to get our temporary power hooked up (and in fact at this moment it isn't hooked up) but we told Steve that it would be hooked up by the end of the day. Well it turns out that we failed the inspection (we needed to have a roll of "Warning" tape on site for it to pass... ARGH!). But we were able to bury the cable which the PUD requires, and I purchased some warning tape from Toziers and rolled it out so that if anyone decides to dig there they will know before they take out our power.

The electrician we hired, Bob Gilman, is good friends with the inspector and called him up to find out exactly what was going on. Bob really helped us out, he got a reinspection scheduled for tomorrow and since he works at the PUD he told me that he would talk to our line superintendent Jim Craker to have temporary power hooked up on Friday which will be well before the foundation guys show up.

Talking with Steve it sounds like there is even a chance that the foundation could be poured while we are in France, but most likely it will be poured the week that we get back, which is still great news. Once the foundation gets poured it is only 3 1/2 to 4 months until the house is finished and ready to be moved into!

Well it is late and I have to wake up early tomorrow to catch my flight so I will bid you all adu.

Pray that we have a safe flight and I hope to share with you soon the experiences from France. The updates will be a little less frequent over the next 10 days but I promise that if at all posible I will make an update from France.

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