Saturday, February 19, 2005

We are blessed

Ally came to visit!

Pictures have been posted on Page 4 and Page 5

Shalisa and I are truly blessed. At the time of my last posting we were really concerned about all of the problems that were ahead of us, but we know that people have been praying for us and I want to tell everyone that God has really answered some prayers.

Our biggest concern was with our building permit from the county, well we found out Friday that we can pick up our building permit on Tuesday! Our other big concern was temporary power. Well our temporary meter base has been installed and we have our wire run through the trench and it is scheduled to be inspected by LNI (Labor and Industries) on Tuesday. Assuming it passes inspection (which we are still praying for) our power would be turned on first thing Wednesday morning!

Not only has God blessed us in that it looks like we will be able to schedule the foundation crew before our big trip, but he has also blessed us in other ways. Uncle Dean has been the biggest blessing of all. When we first had the salesman out in the initial stages of our home purchase he saw that our lot was sloped so he added $4,900 for extra concrete for the foundation. Well now because the lot is considered perfectly level we will get all of that money back, which is just a great blessing. Also we had to have Cyndi from the county come out and inspect our new septic trenches. Uncle Dean was kind enough to come out and help me out while Cyndi was there. He was able to answer all of her questions and I don't expect we will have many more issues with Cyndi since she has now talked with Uncle Dean.

Brian and Rena came out this morning, Brian helped me uncoil the power cable in the trench (which was a HUGE help and I don't think Shalisa and I could have done it by ourselves, so I am really thankful he helped out). We got all of the "little things" done on the temporary meter and the power cable in the trench hoping that it helps us pass our LNI inspection.

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