Monday, February 14, 2005


So Bill and Martha stopped by our house yesterday afternoon. We all drove out the the property and they got to explore around a bit, saw where everything was going and how far everything had come in just the last week.

Martha was in love will all the holly bushes that are all over our property. She kept commenting how these little bushes would sell for tons of money in the florist shop, I told her that Uncle Dean probobly tore up about $1000 worth of those bushes and complained about every one of them :) We then went for a walk down to the beach that is near our house. I have been assured that it is not "a block away" although I think some of this sentiment comes from the fact that it was like 34 degrees with a pretty stiff wind blowing. But after walking it, I do agree, it isn't a block away, it is closer to 2.5 blocks or so, but still only a 5 minute walk.

After visiting the property we snuck back over to the other house that is the same model as ours that is being built nearby. They have recently installed a gate on the driveway, so we had to park at the end of their driveway and walk a bit to get to the house. We walked all around it again, Shalisa and I pointing out each room and where things were going to go and Bill and Martha seemed to think that it will be a nice house when it is all finished.

I still don't have the interior pictures from that house up, I was kind of lazy all weekend and I apologize, but I will see what I can do later today.

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Anonymous said...

We know your home is going to be "excellant"...can't wait for the finished did a great job buying land and house plan....looking forward to each weeks progress...and our first overnight in the new house!! Keep up the good work.
Love, Mom and Dad T.