Friday, February 11, 2005

Permit? Permit? We don't need no stinkin Permit!

Still no word on my poor car, I am sure someone out there is having a grand old time driving her unfortunately that meant I had to walk to work this morning. That sounds much worse than it really is, I only live about a 10 minute walk from work currently, plus there are tons of coworkers who drive down that hill, and sure enough one of them stopped and picked me up (and another called my cell phone while I was in her car asking me if I needed a ride).

But the car being stolen wasn't the only excitement we had yesterday! While Uncle Dean was out clearing yesterday someone from the public works department stopped by the property and asked to see our Access Permit. Uncle Dean of course wasn't sure what that was, but just figured it was something we had, so he called Shalisa to find out if she had an access permit.

We of course have never even HEARD of an access permit! The guy was going to give us a fine, but I quickly ran (literally of course, still no car) to the county public works office and applied for an access permit. Apparently it is a permit you need if you are building any sort of driveway/access road/whatever on your property that will touch a county road (which of course we are).

The permit itself is actually free of charge, but if you don't get one there is a fine levied against you! I got the permit papers and some flagging tape (they want you to flag where your driveway is going to be so they can inspect it) and Shalisa quickly drove out to the property and dropped everything off.

We have some more pictures of the property (some GREAT ones of Uncle Dean pushing a tree over and another of him carrying a tree with the excavator) that I will try and get published later this morning. The property is almost entirely cleared now, although we didn't get the culverts put in yesterday, but we are going out at lunch today again so maybe they will be done by then. I will post ALL the picture when I return from lunch, so there should be another update posted around 2:30 or so with lots of nice new pictures (and probobly another story or 2 as well)

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