Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Problems With The County

I posted some new pictures in the gallery, you can find them starting on page 2 and continuing to page 3. They include some pictures of the property clearing some more, as well as our first structure on the property: our Honey Bucket!

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Problems With The County
Shalisa and I have had a bit of trouble getting some permits passed through the county. Mainly our problems have been centered around the septic design, first our original design that was submitted was denied, then our designer went and submitted another design without consulting with us. Although this design was accepted, it was a sand filter, which we had heard was just about the worst septic system you could put in, plus it was one of the most expensive septic designs to install. So we had to have a THIRD design done, this time we specifically told her to create a Norweco pretreatment aerobic system and that was finally approved just yesterday.

During this whole time we have also been applying for our building permit, and we had a bit of a scare because it was held up since our septic plot plan and our building plot plan did not match up. I went in and worked with this wonderful guy from the county, Rich, who was really helpful and helped me get an acceptable plot plan that both Enviornmental Health Services (the septic people) and the building and planning department were both happy with. Our house will be a little further down the property than we had originally anticipated, but it looks like it will be fine.

We went out and visited with Uncle Dean once again today, he has really been moving. He only started really Saturday and on Tuesday he didn't do any work because he was renewing his CDL license. So really he has only been clearing for less than 4 days (and 2 of those Jeremiah wasn't even there) so it has gone really fast. They had cleared all of the way down to the "winter stream" that is on our property, he thought that the culverts would most likely get installed tomorrow. He also measured off how much space he would need for the septic system and how much space the house was, and it looked like everything would fit in just perfectly without needing to move the stream or anything.

There is still a lot to do, I have to find out when the PUD is going to install the new pole, and some time this week our water meter is supposed to get installed. Once those get done we can hopefully dig our trench and get temporary water and power hooked up, but that is still a ways away. Well to finish it off, we are still accumulating quite a wood pile, I am hoping to get out there tonight with David Watts and get at least some of it cut up and put into his truck. I actually had someone call me at 7:45 this morning before I got to work, it turned out it was a neighbor of mine who lives 2 houses down the street who had gotten my number from Uncle Dean. He said he saw we had a big pile of wood and was wondering what we were going to do with it, I told him he was welcome to as much wood as he could haul away, so I am hoping he is out there reducing that wood pile as well this evening.

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