Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just some filler

So I don't have a lot to write about today, mainly my wrist is hurting a lot because I am an idiot and played Guitar Hero for about 8 hours on Sunday... not exactly the smartest idea when you are 2 days removed from having your hand imobilized for 90+ days.

Guitar Hero is a ton of fun, I highly recommend it for any Wii owner as it fits right into the whole Wii sales model "make video games accessible to non-video game players."

It's a logical extension of the Wiimote that has been used as a bowling ball, a tennis racket, a racing wheel and now with Guitar Hero it helps power the guitar... if anything it gets me more and more excited for Star Wars: Force unleashed when my wiimote will turn into a light saber.

Also, Shalisa did a major overhaul on MaddieSmith.com and has added a whole new theme to the site, added a bunch of new pictures and even uploaded a video (the first one she has done in the new iMovie, her review of the new iMovie: it sucks) of Beth's Bridal Shower. Head on over and check it all out!

Will have more tomorrow, when I can actually type halfway comfortably. TTFN.


.justin said...

1. i hope tomorrow will contain the MySpace Political debates play-by-play.

2. i want to destroy you at GuitarHero over Wi-Fi.

3. StarWars for Wii... i have mixed feelings: i love star wars. but my OCD permits me from loving any star wars other than movies 1-6 + the clone wars animated shorts. damn you OCD!

4. new iMovie sucks x2, BUT, they've now made old iMovie available for download for free, and they updated both the old and added "missing features" to the new... i haven't opened it to find out if at all it has been fixed. apple is modeling forgiveness.repentance for me. thanks to uncle steve gods.

Koralmae said...

How much is a Wii? Does guitar hero teach you how to play guitar? (I play for real, so just curious.)

.justin said...


i'm really pretty good at guitar.
i've only played guitar hero for 3 days now in my whole life.

last night, i played ryan over wifi.

and we were pretty evenly matched.

ryan has played guitar hero before, but definitely does NOT play guitar.

he's also got a jacked up wrist... a poor excuse for the songs i obliterated him on.


does that answer your question?

it feels "natural" for a guitarist, once you get used to it. ex: i wanted to play "all the notes/counts" in the song, but i needed to limit myself to just the notes they "want" me to play. i still get mixed up with this in the solo-ey parts. i think this is why playing on "medium" difficulty was easier for me than playing on the "easy" difficulty. it gave me, a guitarist, more to play.

.justin said...

BTW: i love our Wii.

my wife bought that instead of going on vacation.

best $250 on vacations we ever spent.

Wii = community