Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Helpful tip

.justin often posts video's from the Common Craft guys with helpful tips on topics like MyGADs and RSS and other tech items. These video's are great as they are very accessible by "normal" people.

Well they have come out with one of their first "non-techy" help video's that I think everyone can benefit from, even those who aren't technology inclined:


.justin said...

if i wasn't on a blogging-hiatus, i would have posted this!

thanks RYAN!

does this make you "my posting bee-atch"?

hey ryan, post this!
hey ryan, post that!
hey ryan!

just kidding. thanks!

Susan deWaalMalefyt said...

um that video was well intense. I work at costco so i will pick up some supplies there. Ill be ready...

Julia said...

HAHAHAHAHAH! Poor zombies. Nobody wants to be friends with them :(