Tuesday, October 09, 2007

For Brad:

Suck It

A video response to this post

Roy William who?

Cowgirls suck

Go Skins!


B-Handsome said...

What are you doing November 18th? I want to see the tears in your eyes when you lose.

Ryan and Shalisa said...


It's a date. The joy of watching the Skins humiliate the Cowgirls (LIKE THEY DO EVERY YEAR) will be fun to share.

.justin said...

i want to come to relive the westward expansion and watch the fruits of the evil, self-righteous, ritualistic ASSIMILATION of the red-man to the white-man's ways.

well, i guess the only thing true about that above statement is that i like watching football with my friends!

.justin said...

[BTW: i just added it into my calendar at ryan's house... so plan accordingly!]

what time is the game?