Thursday, October 25, 2007

Inter-denominational co-operation

I love to see it when church's work together, especially when it is supporting the community. I think this is great:


.justin said...

me too.

i've been trying really hard lately to do these things. ie

night at the naz
gateway armory food distribution
METH church trunk or treat
wcc prison ministry
shelton community dinners
nov 3 shelton youth worker network/training/encouragement
monthly first monday shelton youth worker gatherings
second wednesday shelton ministerial association meetings

sometimes i wonder if i'm just spinning my wheels?

jeremy said...

Yes yes. it is good stuff to do. We must do more.

Its good to show the community that we are all on the same team, that the team is Jesus, NOT this church or that.

Koralmae said...

This is what true Christianity is all about for me.

.justin said...

maybe Koral, and Ryan, and Shalisa, and other PUD3-ers would like to come down and work with us?

the more the merrier.

and the less dishes i'll get to wash!

my contact info is on the flyer, if interested.