Friday, October 26, 2007


93 days of oppression is over, I can finally see my left hand. It hurts to do just about anything, there are muscles that haven't moved in a LOOONG time, but the cast is off, so the road to recovery just took a giant leap forward. I thought about taking a picture of my wrist and posting it online for everyone to see, but it was all hairy, covered in dead skin, and atrophied... so I went with Mel Gibson instead.


Seerow said...


kristi said...

ewww...i bet it smelled bad too!

.justin said...

i will use this weakness as my advantage over you in GuitarHero!!!



[that is... if i can get the controller back OUT OF MY WIFE'S HANDS!!! SHE'S DEVOURING IT!!!]

Koralmae said...

Good move not posting your hairy, weak arm!