Saturday, April 30, 2005

We have a house!

Well the framers have left and we have a house that looks like a house!

I posted a bunch of pictures in the gallery ( that everyone can check out. We have had quite an eventful week, we found out that we had 4 windows and a sliding glass door stolen that will end up costing us about $1000 out of pocket, so that was some bad news.

We also found out on Sunday that our neighbor who owns the undeveloped property next to us filed a complaint against us due to stormwater drainage. I was pretty worried about it and didn't get much sleep Sunday night. I called the county on Monday and God had already taken care of everything, the inspector had already come out and looked at our property and said that our neighbor didn't have a leg to stand on and that we had done nothing wrong, so that was some great news.

We are headed out to the property Sunday night, we are going to bring out the bar-b-q and the basketball hoop and have a little bonfire burning a lot of our scrap wood. (Anything that isn't worth saving, we also got a lot of good lumber that was left over from the construction.)

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