Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Walls and a 2nd Floor!

As you can see, all 4 walls on the lower floor have been completed, and when I was out there they were just getting ready to put the decking on the 2nd floor!

The garage hasn't been started yet, but it is comming along including the interior walls.

I got a call yesterday from Steve at Hiline saying that the framers were having an issue with the circuit breaker blowing on them all the time. I drove out there at lunch time with Shalisa and talked to them, and they said they just needed an additional circuit for all of their air compressors that they were running for all of the pneumatic tools. I called around in the Yellow pages and actually found this really nice guy named Derrick who was an electrician, and turns out is my boss's next door neighbor!

Well he said he would go out there, fix the circuit that was in the box already, and install a 2nd circuit and plug on the base off the meter, all for free! He was out there by 3:30 and had it all fixed up! I went out there this afternoon and talked to the framers and they were all thrilled. They said it was night and day and it has been working flawlessly all day today so they were happy.

Should have some more great pictures this weekend, maybe the 2nd story will even be up. The roof trusses delivery date is only 7 days away so things are moving quickly!

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.justin said...

derrick foley is the man!