Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Just an update

Well, I checked the blog and noticed that it hadn't been updated in a while, so thought I should get everyone up to speed. We don't really have any new pictures, as most of the work accomplished has been on the interior. Our roof is on and all the windows are in, including the ones that were stolen. Our siding has been sitting in a heap for a couple weeks, but no one has installed it yet. The heating guys have been in putting in our heat pump, and looks like they are finished for inspection. The plumbers finished last week, and the electricians have just a bit of the wire to finish installing into the outlet boxes. The gutter people called, I assume they are installing soon, and our cement slab is poured tomorrow morning. Everything is going nice and steady with no hold ups. Assuming the inspection goes fine, we'll be installing our own low voltage wiring soon, within a week or so. We were able to get all the supplies off eBay for reduced cost, so we're pretty happy. We have 2000 feet of Cat5e 1000 feet of RG6 and 500 feet of in wall speaker wire. I can't seem to be able to see how we'll really use it all, but I'm told we will. We were able to talk with the electricians while they were at work and had them install a couple extra outlet boxes for no cost. We discussed with them our wiring plan and where the best place would be for our network panel, and it ended up being in the master closet.

2 weekends ago we were out burning our scrap pile and neighbor asked if he could take the scrap for another neighbor who burns wood for heat, so that saved us from having another burning day. We have some usable plywood and 2x4's left and actual garbage, but that's it.

Off of a used building materials website for Washington state I was able to find a ladder to buy so we can paint our eaves. I just hope it's tall enough, I think it should be. If not, I guess we'll have to rent one. If it stops raining here we should be able to start that this weekend.

Our home sale seems to be going well. We had a call from our buyers telling us that signing should take place soon. We've been slowly getting our oil tank decommissioned. As we noted that is our job with the sale of the house. We thought about doing it ourselves, then thought otherwise, then found out how much it would cost, and went back to doing it ourselves. Thankfully, in the process of trying to hire someone to do it for us, we had a man out who told me how to get it taken care of. We made sure the sellers knew we were doing it ourselves, and called the county and city. If we were outside the city limits we'd have to get a permit, but because we're within the city limits, the county doesn't care, and the city has no problem with us doing it ourselves. We found an oil company who would pump the oil for free, and we're glad, cause there ended up being 388 gallons in that tank! Tonight we filled the tank with 20 pounds of dry ice to push out the vapors, then had a friend come over and use a cutting torch to cut a hole in the top of the tank. The rest should be easy now! Getting rid of the sludge and filling with sand. Lot's of elbow grease needed, but at least no one gets blown up!

We just want to thank all of you for your prayers. The Lord has blessed us with such loving and caring family. We thank you for your support, and friendship. We look forward to welcoming you to our new home sometime this summer.

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