Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Best Backfiller Ever

New pictures posted in the gallery

So, looks like I'm posting again...trying to keep this updated. Last time I told you that I had some pictures, well, now I will attempt to post them.

On Friday our backfillers, Uncle Dean and Jeremiah, came out to do the dirt work. I was a little concerned with money when it came to this as we began to realize just how much dirt was going to be needed to fill in our land around the 3 foot stemwall. But God is sooo good! Bayshore sand and gravel is just down the road from our property, and while Uncle Dean went to get the sand, also inquired about some fill, and since the gravel pit was digging dirt to make way for something else, he was told he could have the dirt for FREE since they didn't want it! 27 loads had been hauled at 1pm Monday...and they still needed more...but it looks great, and our framers should be here Friday or Monday, with our lumber delivery coming this Thursday.

Last Friday we also had our final inspection on our septic system, and I was also a little nervous on this. I wanted everything to pass, but at the same time I wanted to have a trouble free septic, so I asked our Good Lord to provide for both of those. We passed with flying colors, and there is plenty of pressure in our system. Uncle Dean was able to bury the drain field and connect the septic to the foundation, ready for the plumbers now. We also realized almost too late that we were burying our utility trench but had yet to install our water line, but we ran down to the hardware store and bought pipe that Uncle Dean recommended and were able to lay it out just in time.

So, many many thanks go to God, who has blessed us so greatly in so many ways. We feel His presence in the building of this house, through our good family who works on this project, through the safety He has provided, and through the answered prayers on county cooperation and finances. God is Good.

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looks like things are coming along rather nice.