Monday, April 18, 2005

Framing started!

Well, our framers started this last Monday, and our visit on Wednesday provided us with some good pictures. On Wednesday they had started and finished laying the floor.

We were glad we caught the framers on Wednesday so we could chat with them. Ryan was able to get some good advice and a good timeline from one of the guys out there. We had been very concerned about our windows that had been delivered quite a bit too early, theft of building products, especially windows, is pretty common. The framer told us though that we could chain them through the open part of the window, and use a combination lock to tie it together. So, that's what we did, and we feel much safer knowing they probably won't be going anywhere. The framer also informed us that our trusses were to come in on April 27th, so that's when the framing will be completed. I would assume that Roofing may happen the first or second week of May.

This last weekend we started buying our wiring components for the low voltage stuff we're in charge of. So far we've been able to find everything on Ebay for reduced costs. We bought 1000 feet of Cat 5e for 35 dollars, and Ryan says we need another 1000 apparently. We've bought most everything else, like face plates and jacks and termination ports through an ebay store where we got a huge reduction in shipping costs, which was quite nice.

Now that we've "sold" the house, I'm looking around at all my flowers wishing I could take them all with me. I had already done a lot of dividing of plants and taken them to our new property, but I'm still in the process of taking plants that won't be missed. I also started some seeds in an indoor greenhouse, which are all doing quite nicely, and I'm hoping will help fill out the flower beds I'm planning.

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