Monday, March 28, 2005

Foundation has been poured!

Well, This is my first post, as it seems Ryan has been a bit behind the times. We have some new pictures of the foundation, but I won't be posting them yet, maybe in a day or two. Ryan seems to be pretty occupied with his new hobby, "war driving" as he calls it. He's driving around town with his laptop and GPS in search of wireless connections. I think his plan is to map all of Shelton...we'll see.

So, we've been waiting and had some delay on the foundation. We didn't pass the inspection at the first run through, so we've been waiting for that, but finally they poured the concrete on Friday, and today they removed the forms. Now we'll be waiting for Uncle Dean to come along and do some backfill. He's been sunning in Mexico, and just got back, so hopefully sometime this week we'll be on our way. It's been raining here buckets, and when we drove to look at the foundation tonight it looks like we have a moat around our hoping that the puddles, or lakes, don't get in the way of the backfilling and further progress. We have windows leaning against our honey bucket, can't imagine that they'll get used too soon, so hoping that they don't get stolen. I think maybe we should get some tarps for them just so they're out of sight.

We've decided to try the "for sale by owner" route for a little while on our current home. Not having to fork over 6 % commission would be nice. We have a little time to kill before we have to list it, so thought we might as well try. And with all the houses for sale in the neighborhood, we figure it'll get seen by those looking. We're finishing up the little things, like paint and trim, and hopefully can have a sign out by next week.

Well, that's it for now, signing off.

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.justin said...

war driving, huh?

i've heard a little bit about that, but i'd love to hear more!

did you wind up making a map of shelton and our "free wireless hot spots"?

i'd love to see it.