Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spring must be coming!

We got this catalog in the mail yesterday, and I had to chuckle as the snow is currently piling up to my knees and it happens to be the first snow of the season...AND as I looked on the calendar to day it told me that TODAY happened to be the first day of winter. So...either Land's End knows something I don't about the crocus's blooming, or they might want to think about selling fleece and down for a tad bit longer.
Well, Christmas is 4 days away, and unless we're headed for a flood, we'll be having a white one! For awhile we were snowed in. But Ryan used his manly strength to weight his truck while also clearing the driveway. Ryan is low on gas in the truck so needs to get it to the gas station and we might get some chains for the Santa Fe. If so, maybe then we can actually get to see our family on Christmas...we'll see. If not who wants to adopt us come Christmas day?

The littlest Smith has been napping through our romp. But Madeleine enjoyed herself quite a bit. She mostly enjoyed walking around with her hands in her pockets (because the mittens annoy her) and getting "stuck" in the snow, which involved falling over every two steps and then enjoying a lick of snow. Eating snow is probably her favorite thing to do with the white fluff. But in all honesty, I ate some myself, and it brought back good cold memories. :)Ryan helped us build this mammoth snowman. I almost thought it was too big to build...but then it all came together. We gave this one a mustache and a piece of grass to chew on. Maddie gave it...are you ready for it! NIPPLES! Yep. You read it right. Nipples. Slightly anatomically incorrect, and perhaps you can't see this one I took a picture of very well since it's made of snow...but it's there, the nipple she gave the snowman.


Ryan said...

The scary thing is it has snowed 3-4 inches since these pictures were taken... is it ever going to stop? I hope not!

beauty school drop out said...

Looks like everyone had fun.
some of my bulbs are coming up. Poor confused plants.

Julia said...

I hope not too!!! (I'd be happy if it snowed through the 28th!

And...we'd be happy to adopt you for Christmas!