Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sled Time

Today Ryan went in search of a sled.
We've been using a box, and Shelton is pretty much sold out of sleds, but he found one! And since he got off an hour early we got some good sledding time in! Maddie has been having a great time with the cardboard box. But I think she might like the real thing better. Especially since it comes with it's own rope tow!

After sledding down the "big" hill down the road, Annora woke up from her nap in time to get in on the action. She wasn't quite sure at first. But as soon as big sister gave her a tow, she thought it was alright. Then the both went for a ride, which was sweet as pie with big sissy holding tight to little sissy so she wouldn't fall out...

Unfortunetely that's exactly what happened. Both girls got dumped into the snow on their way up our little sled track. Annora didn't even get to ride down it. She was pretty upset. But who wouldn't be after breathing in some white fluff. A sad end to a fun evening...but easily remedied with some lobster cookies. Thanks Auntie Beth and Uncle Kyle!


Ryan said...

I can attest, Lobster cookies are YUM. We should have some pictures of the lobster cookies.

Julia said...

Poor little snow baby!

I'd also love te see some lobster cookies!

Eric and Jamie said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Poor little babes! I would like some lobster cookies too... hmm... at least see a picture. :)