Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow '08 Update

Currently it's not snowing. But the snow isn't going anywhere fast. We sure have been enjoying this mountain luxury however. I became the sled dog yesterday for a lap around the house with Madeleine. And Ryan started building a fort for her during her nap time. Which then after some discussion about igloos and watching some YouTube clips, one in particular "snow fort 2008", inspiration to what was assumed too difficult became reality. Madeleine thinks it's delicious. Because of course anything made of snow is made to eat...right!? Maddie said today after trying it out that she wanted to go upstairs and indicated that she'd like to go to the roof of the igloo. Perhaps she is remembering "snow fort 2008" and so we may try to add on tonight. In all honesty, I'm tired. But snow play is pretty fantastic. It's been too many years since I've hit the slopes, and decided I wasn't letting this opportunity to ski in my backyard pass by. So that's what I did. Our tiny little slope was too sticky and not steep enough to offer anything for me, so I skied out onto the road and took a couple "runs" down the Aycliff hill. I think Madeleine must be tired too...cause when we were out in the snow she kept asking for a pillow and blanket. Once we got down to specifics she wanted me to make her a snow pillow and blanket. I made the pillow, but try explaining to a 2 year old that making a blanket out of snow just isn't really a possibility. I told her I could bury her in snow or I could get her a real blanket. She chose the real blanket. And laid like this for 15 minutes till she decided it was cold and time to go in.

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