Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baby Haircut.

I absolutely loved Annora's wispy wild hair. But lately she's been getting some pretty nasty snarls in it, and as her whole head is now growing hair I decided to go ahead and give it a trim. It was really hard for me to cut away behind the ear wisp. It was too cute to me. But after trimming up the back I decided I had to. I thought I'd cut her hair while she was eating lunch, but after the first two cuts she decided she was done eating, and REALLY wanted those scissors. So we moved to my lap at the table, and then had to move to the was crazy. But. It's done, and it's sweet and now we won't have to yank her hair out getting the rats out.

Thought some of our readers might also enjoy some pics of our Igloo addition.


Anonymous said...

Well, I just caught up with all the pics, LOVE the igloo w/slide. We should do that sometime....when it is above 10 degrees! Kinsey got a haircut the other day and she looks so grown up!! I wish I could keep up my website like you guys, I end up so frustrated with it all. :)
Merry Christmas! :) the Thibodeaus

Eric and Jamie said...

Cool snow slide!! And I think the haircut looks great!

Matt & Steph said...

I haven't checked your blog in forever and I get on and there are all these pictures and updates. 4 in one month! Your girls keep things fun around the Smith home.

tangel Thor said...

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