Monday, December 15, 2008

Day of Firsts

Today was the first snow of the season,
which opened the door to the first snowman of the season, and Annora's first contact with the white stuff.

Annora found Maddie's apple on the floor. Not her first taste of apple...but her first taste in this form. She handled it very well until it was bedtime and I had to pry it from her sticky little hands. I know what can keep her happy for an extended period of time now.

And though these are not my first dolls, this is my first attempt at a large waldorf style doll. Lots of things I wish I had done better. But I think they are beautiful, and I have years to perfect my skills.

1 comment:

beauty school drop out said...

Looks like everyone had fun in the snow.
Your dolls are really cute. I love the Waldorf style dolls.