Sunday, December 02, 2007

Spreading holiday cheer across the globe

And obviously looting wood, which I am sure was going to be used for nefarious activities like "heating" and "cooking" and "lighting" is punishable by the complete end to your livelyhood. Also, if were really out for justice, why exactly wasn't the wood returned, instead of, you know, running over it.

I know not all, most, or probably even a minor amount of soldiers act like this, but the simple fact that we have numb nuts like this out in foreign countries representing us is yet another reason we just need to come home.

And we wonder why they don't like us...

Edit: Also, can someone explain to me why they shot the car first? Were they trying to "put it down" or something so it didn't run away? I mean I don't think a few bullet holes are really going to tip the car over in to the "unrepairable" state after it gets run over by a tank.... three times, I am pretty sure it's not gonna be salvagable after that with or without the bullet holes, but thats just a guess.

Edit2: Is my blog getting too "heavy" for regular readers, do I need to get back to blogging about more "life" stuff (as in whats going on in the smith home) vs things that strike me? Lately I have been on a politics rant, not because I am trying to push an agenda, but it's just what I have been interested in... but I also realize not everyone is interested in it and most of you want to see more pictures of Maddie and more whats going on in Shalisa and I's life, and maybe you don't care as much about what is going on in the world and can get that elsewhere. If people would like, I will try and refocus these next few days on more "family" related topics.


.justin said...

edit 1 had me laughing til my side hurt and i woke up cohen!

you do have to admit that the content of that video was pretty bad-ass.

why exactly are we in iraq again?

/hangs head in shame...

these soldiers are just boys.

.justin said...

as in... but we treat them like men & heroes.

i'm so unpatriotic lately when it comes to the military.

jeremy said...

Yea, why again do they hate us?

Trash their car for stealing wood?

Wood? So they can cook, and stay warm.

At first, i thought, well if they are stealing wood, that meant someone else will be cold and not able to cook. But then, they put than M1-A1 over the whole thing and i think the wood may be inseparable from the wreckage, which means nobody is using that wood for survival.

I know its unpatriotic to dis on GI's, but the fact of the matter is that some of them are stupid punks and thugs who couldn't make it into community college, or keep a job stocking shelves, so they joined the army where all they have to do is run and shoot.

On edit2: WE need heavy stuff. Pics of the babies is cool too. But America has too much foofy crap online about pretty girls or cool games and frivolous junk like that.

I think all americans can use some perspective on how the world sees us.