Sunday, December 16, 2007

Give a buck for Huck? More like hang a dog

So what does our illustrious presidential candidate Mike Huckabee bring to the table? Why nothing other than the very thing that landed Mike Vick in jail for 23 months. It turns out his son hung a dog, slit it's throat, and then stoned it to death. It was reported to authorities but because he was the governers son no charges were filed.

I am not one for digging to much into someone's family, you can't control who you are related to. But having your son (not some weird strange distant relative) get busted for doing the same thing that Mike Vick did, and then using your influence in politics to have the charges totally dropped... well thats pretty shady in my book.

For more on what happened you can get most of the info here: and it contains links to multiple sources backing this story up.

I've been saying all along the Huckster has benefited from not being put under the spot light, turns out that as soon as people start investigating him we find out he is an economic socialist with a sketchy family history... no thanks.


.justin said...

there IS a surplus population of dogs in this world...

do you think people would have been upset about it if it was a cat?

or would they have thrown him a party in his honor?

do you think the Incredible Huck Sr. ate the dog, contributing to his obesity? or do you think it may have ruined his appetite for dog, thus helping him loose those unwanted pounds?

i'm just saying...


Ryan and Shalisa said...

You can right it off all you want, but as a parent you ARE responsible to some degree for raising your children. And helping a 17 year old avoid facing punishment for his crimes isn't "being a good parent" in my book. My parents routinely told both my brother and I that if we ever got thrown in jail, don't bother calling at night because they wouldn't be down to pick us up until morning anyway.

But fine, every family has black sheep that no matter what you do as a parent they are going to turn out how they turn out. But Huck Sr. isn't exactly "Mr. Honorable" when it comes to obeying the law himself. From the NYT:

And then there’s the matter of Giftgate. It turns out the guitar-strumming, good-humored populist has never met a present he didn’t want. Huckabee managed to pile up $112,000 in freebies in a single year as governor. I can see how he would feel constrained to politely accept a picture of a duck or a cowboy hat, but $48,000 in clothing? A discount card for Wendy’s? A chainsaw?

Wedding gifts are exempt from ethics restrictions in Arkansas, and when Mike left office, the Huckabees — who have been married for more than 30 years — were signed up on the Target wedding registry so fans could help furnish their new 7,000-square-foot home. “Message from the couple: Target GiftCards are welcome,” added the registry helpfully.

The Arkansas Times, in which the Giftgate article was published, listed some of the items on the wish list. They were pretty modest: a $30 asparagus pot, a $100 Jack LaLanne power juicer and a $250 cookware set. But if the Huckabees move into the White House, it’s a whole new level. I’m thinking they could reel in one really special asparagus pot.

.justin said...

please hear me right; i'm not defending him [or accusing him] at all! i'm just making jokes about it.

were those not funny?

try this one:

maybe the camp counselors were just trying to be obedient by harvesting some meat for camp dinner? we've all eaten camp food before... i'm pretty sure the Dunes Bible Camp serves dog ALL THE TIME!

[get it?]

; )




Ryan and Shalisa said...

Get it now, but since you know how text is the BEST medium for communicating sarcasm it's obviously all my fault.

(c wut I did thar?)

May I suggest [sarcasm] tags for future reference :p

.justin said...

no problem. i appreciated the opportunity for clarification so that i could develop the running gag a little bit longer...

mmmmm... dog... yummy!

Koralmae said...

OMG! To me, that's pretty telling regardless of the control you have over your family members. If any member of my family did that, I would takes steps to ensure they were committed. Only future serial killers torture animals. Oh, wait, republicans don't give a poo about torture...

james d said...

dude, really?

that seems like a low blow against huck. ok, his kid killed a dog at boy scout camp. while, disturbing, i know a lot of guys who have done similar. not me.

but really, i know you don't heart huckabee but this is a low blow. i agree that we shoukd hold parents responsible for the actions of their children but it was ten years ago. also, until you've made it through puberty and teen and all that i would refrain from pouring too much judgment on huck's parenting. as parents we can do an awesome job but still some scuzzy uncle or touchy boy scout leader could have poked around with him a f-d the kid up. really, we don't know much about this story but some crapass blog article. lets talk politics, huck may suck but leave his kid's past out if it.

not cool.

.justin said...

this reminds me of my good friend phil: christian, missionary, social justice activist, father, husband, mars hill member, lover, and most importantly: the DOG KILLER!

i WOULD vote for phil in 08... but he's canadian, eh.

and that makes him richer than me.

[enjoy the video]

james d said...

holy crap!

Ryan and Shalisa said...

Actually Mr. James.... I have stated before the if Huck becomes the Republican nod I would probably have a hard time NOT voting for him... so to say I don't heart Huckabee isn't entirely true.

But I love how "You can't criticize the results of his parenting" on one hand, but attributing the words to a candidate that he never said, or claiming that someone is a Nazi because some neo-nazi organization sent him $500 (out of 18 million) and he accepted it is perfectly fine.

I am just saying, if people want to get down and dirty on my boy RP, I am more than ready to start slinging it... and don't even get me started on cross dressing JuliaAnnie or MittFlop Romney (you see his Meet The Press interview, they had to start spinning the interview before it was even OVER when we claimed the NRA backed him [they don't]).

I agree, I don't know the full story behind it, what kind of messed up things may have been done to his kids by who knows who. But to use your influence and power to let your kid off the hook (without even receiving any sort of counseling or anything) THAT I can judge. I won't judge what the kid did, but I CAN judge how the Huckster RESPONDED to what his kid did.

james d said...

Seriously, you know I was joking about RP being a Nazi. While I think he could be clearer about the white supremacists being his fan, and he did say some heavy things about blacks, I do not think he is a racist or a nazi. He could do a better job distancing himself from those perceptions. Maybe.

I guess I take issue with dragging family into it. Do we really know that his kid didn't get counseling? How?

I kind of agree with your statement about getting the kid out of trouble. But what trouble? The kids killed a dog. Once. It wasn't like his weekend hobby was dog fighting.
But really, what parent wouldn't protect his kid? What if this was his wake-up call. You know, "damn I am doing a crap job parenting" or "time to figure out what is wrong in my kid's head." I don't think Huck's kid needed jail. It was a dog. It is not like the Kennedy's driving off the bridge at Chappaquiddick or some silver-spoon date rape (Just for quick clarification I am prohunting, fishing but very anti killing animals for "fun")

Back to the issue at hand of bring this story into the political debate. I guess I feel that you usually throw down logical reasoning behind opinion. But using "I am just saying, if people want to get down and dirty on my boy RP, I am more than ready to start slinging it" is not so helpful in the debate. It doesn't promote RP, it doesn't really hurt Huck. It is just kind of TMZ like.

Ryan and Shalisa said...

I must acquiesce and agree with you James, I was doing not a whole lot more than slinging poo here. And for that I take full responsibility.

I still disagree with his parental choice he made protecting his son, this son has since been arrested for trying to smuggle a glock through an airport, as it seems this kid didn't ever really "get it" but at the same time I don't know what steps Huck took to correct it.

I guess what bothers me most about Huck is his "Vote for me, because I am a Christian" attitude. It's like when Pipers pizza was in town. The pizza SUCKED (no offense to the owners if they read my blog, just stating my opinion of your pizza) but yet I know TONS of people that went there expressly for the reasoning: well we are supporting other Christians.

Since when did being a Christian become an excuse for accepting mediocrity?

Tax Hike Mike strikes this same chord in me. He wants us to ignore his tax hike record, his college aid for illegals immigrants, his desire for socialized health care, and about 20 other issues that fall outside the scope of "traditional republican values" and instead, vote for him since he is a Christian, not a flip floppin evil Morman.

I mean seriously, while I want a man of principle and a man of honor in the office, just because you are Christian does NOT mean you have those values (we know plenty of people, even ministers, who claim to be Christian yet live by a definite non-Christian standard).

I try railing against Tax Hike Mike's issues, but it seems like no one cares, the general response is: yeah but he is a nice pastor with good values. I guess since it is Mike himself who brought the whole character issue in to play (Vote for me, I am a Christian) then don't I have some right to then QUESTION his character?

While I definitely could have done a better job at stating the facts and what not, I believe the Huckster is the one who opened the door for us to inspect his character by assigning it as the primary tenant of his platform.

james d said...

now i am with you

i think evangelicals are too easily swayed by anybody who says "Jesus" and looks whitebread and unthreatening enough. Whether musician, athlete, or politician.

Good example with Piper's, i never ate there, but i have been told that i should only get coffee at a certain place because christian's own it. not because the coffee is good.

Mediocrity does sum it up. Huck is playing the morale christian card and should be called to task. I fear him being nominated as i think any democrat would eat him alive.

But in all fairness, i'll take mediocrity over Hilly. I would rather not.

daniel said...

Well I am trying to not take this too personally but I have been bitten by two dogs, run over and almost hospitalized by a sheep, and nearly trampled to death by a heard of attack cows. I would miss one less dog in the world like I would miss a dose of clap.