Thursday, December 20, 2007

Congradulations Justin

My good friend Mr. Justin Holzgrove is now an official "published author."

For all of you wanting to read his first major published piece, you need to do nothing more than drop 3 quarters in your nearest Mason County Journal purchasing spot and open up to the advent message.

Congrats Justin.


.justin said...

muchos gracias senor.

jeremy said...

bumped, not trumped. nice

And for my friend Justin, i will pony up a few cents to buy a paper ;-)

beauty school drop out said...

I want to read it. For those of us that live a little too far away. Maybe someone can type it up or some thing.

.justin said...

i have it typed up.
i will publish it on my blog in the future.
i left some comments explaining the reason why on the post entitled "a couple of firsts".

instead of rewriting them, you can look there.

thanks for your interest, sarah!

beauty school drop out said...

Oh I will do so. Also No "H" sara