Thursday, December 20, 2007

Funny RP video of the day

I know, I know... you people are sick of hearing about Ron Paul... I try and keep it to a minimum. But this video is just too hilarious to pass up. It's pretty sad at how obvious the news casters are TRYING to push one candidate, when on the other hand it's just as obvious who the people actually support. I thought the supporters in this video did a GREAT job, they didn't scream and shout and allowed the newscaster to do her job, but at the same time, I think they made a pretty powerful statement.

Every time I watch this movie, it makes me laugh, and makes me encouraged to know just how much support Ron really has, even if the "polls" tell us otherwise.


.justin said...

ghoul-iani is barfing his brains out in st. louis right now.

i like the way he speaks.

the tone of his voice is pretty to me.

who cares what he's saying... i like the way he speaks.

and i'm a young person.


jeremy said...

I've been thinking about Paul's support lately, and the huge discrepancy between internet polls and the "official telephone polls."

It seems to me that the people hugely supporting Paul online are not the same people who are called by these other polls.

The question is; are these people who have enormous support for him online able to vote for him in primaries, ie registered/declared Republicans? Or are they unaffiliated or unregistered and thus have no "real" voice in the outcome? For example, I am not a republican, and am not about to claim being one, so i cannot vote for a candidate in the primaries. Therefore my support today is meaningless.

The other thing i was thinking about was the impact on Obama that Paul may be having. I am aware that they are completely different parties. But it is my speculation that the younger crowd that is so into Ron Paul would probably be all about Obama if there was no Paul. So i wonder if the support for Paul is somewhat helping Hillary?

I don't know how other states do primaries, so i don't know if crossing parties is an issue like that. But i cant help but think of Ross Perot and his impact on Bush Sr

.justin said...

i've been thinking about tancredo's recent back out. and wondering if paul's even got a chance...

so i think i may remove my support of ron paul, and instead place it in favor of this candidate for president.

i'm really liking their views on the issues. and i find them to be very electable.

will any one join me?

Ryan and Shalisa said...

Hey Justin, perhaps you should check out Mitt Romney, he seems to flip flop pretty fast, you could fit right in!


.justin said...

i will when he starts designing tempting websites like Susan Ducey's!

doesn't he know it's all about attracting the "young person" with the way he speaks?