Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow Day

So we had a bit of snow up here... I built 2 snowman originally, Mr. Snowman and Mr Roof-Santa (he was visiting Maddie outside her window).

Then after that, while Maddie was napping I went out and built Mr. Snow-monster. I had to do it by myself so I couldn't reach my goal of 10 feet... and had to settle for 8 foot 1 inch.
Would love to see other peoples snowman, anyone top 8 foot 1 inch? And next time there is some snow I need a couple of burly men to come over and assist me, I think I have a pretty good system (seriously, engineering marvels should do a show at my house for snowman construction) and I think we could probably do 12 footer (5 foot base, 4 foot middle, 3 foot head) pretty easily if I just had a few more hands. Trying to roll a 5 foot ball by yourself is pretty exhausting.


Julia said...

where's his face?

Ryan and Shalisa said...

It started raining and Shalisa is the official "face maker."

Plus the snow monster was really about size, not style... Mr Roof-Santa was the stylish snowman :p

.justin said...


that is some serious unmasked hidden talent. i'm really impressed!

roof santa is in such an awesome location! but it may kind of creepy to have a strange man peeking into your little girl's window at night!

very impressive.

you take the cake.