Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our "Make-It" Day.

We had a pretty full day of STUFF. It wasn't very sunny this morning, and was actually chilly to me. So we started our day by making something yummy. I replaced the wheat germ with coconut because I couldn't decide if what I thought was wheat germ actually was wheat germ (bulk bin buying, I should probably label!) Madeleine had a great time with these. She dumped in all 3 ingredients and stirred a bit. She got to help make the balls and of course, the best part...tasting. She's always my taster. But I think it can be tastier when you actually put a little elbow grease into it yourself. Then I figured out how many calories was in our half batch. Doh! I never should do that! I never like the figures. Oh well. I can splurge, I'm breastfeeding...right? But these really are more good supplemental treats for kids.

Then we made up a batch of clay to make a silly sculpture. I was going to put the clay on waxed paper on the table. But when I pulled out the roll there was only about 8 inches left. So then I got to thinking of what else we could do with it and remembered crayon stained glass I did as a kid. Maddie enjoyed this. I even let her help iron. And I gave her a choice of shapes and she chose a butterfly for the cutout.

Then on to make the sculpture. We just used pipe cleaners and some noodle beads. This was perfect as Madeleine can work the "beads" easily onto pipe cleaners. I think an Autumn sculpture will be fun as she loves to gather sticks and leaves. So...looking forward to another one.

We needed to make some more stuff out of our clay. So...first there was a request for Mickey and Minnie. Can you tell what's on the Smith brain?! And then I got the idea to use the princess stamps (which we already used to decorate the sculpture base) to make necklace pendants. These were easy for Madeleine to do as well. Tomorrow we'll paint them. We tried one already, but it hadn't dried thought he center and it crumbled pretty quickly

I have a dress I've been working on for Madeleine. It was to take to Disney World. Ryan thinks she needs to wear a princess dress to the princess breakfast we'll be having. I'm kind of in the middle because I see it as cute, but a hassle cause I know the netting will be a bother to her in the heat. But...I finally put the zipper in, and she loves it.

And lastly, we made a contact paper collage with the flowers Madeleine yearns to pick but I always tell her "No". The clover and dandelions are all hers, but the bedding flowers are still mine for awhile. Give them another couple years and I'm sure it'll all be so filled in I won't mind one bit.

And where was Annora you say...oh, when not napping just hanging around blowing her raspberries of contentment.


Julia said...

HOORAY! what a fun looking day! I'm waiting for my "make-it day" so many things to make.

Eric and Jamie said...

What a fun day! :)

A Project Here...A Project There said...

i've been loving seeing your fun projects that you do with maddie. :) fun and cute ideas! lets hang out soon! i'll call you this week.