Friday, July 11, 2008

Hat Making, Pig Tails, Tie Dye and My Kids Are So Cute!

Ok. There seems to be a lot of "Shalisa" posts lately. I just have so much fun during the day that I want to share! So, first of all. I made Annora a cute hat. Sewing today probably wasn't what I should have done. At least not sewing a make it yourself no pattern item, as brains are necessary, and mine seem to be slightly lacking given this weeks sleep deprivation. No biggy, I'll catch up this weekend...right!?! Anyway, back to the hat. I cut out the brim and then realized it wasn't exactly the right shape and instead of cutting out new pieces I decided I'd try and save the pieces I had...5 seam rips later and a couple pleats and voila! And because my kid is so dang cute I had to take about a gazillion pictures and because I know you'll smile when you see them, I'm sharing.

On to the pig tails. I can put them in Annora's hair! I've given her one little horn on the top before but hadn't tried the 2 version until today. I realized that her hair falls over her ears, so up it all went into those teeny weeny minuscule elastic hair bands. She's so cute. More sharing.

A few days ago I tried Sharpie tie dye with Maddie. It was a big success. We both had fun. Until I wanted to try out design technique and took over, which made Maddie sad...way to go Mom! Way to model sharing! So...we made more and more. Annora now has a pair of paints with about 12 little tie dye circles on them. And Maddie loves the shirts and wanted to wear this one today. She has it on inside out. But as you can see...they are fun to make. We made our designs larger using a bowl instead of plastic cup and extended the design using more sharpie at the edge of the first design. Pretty sure we'll be doing more of this.

And...My kids are soooo cute!


kristi said...

your kids are cute. :)

Eric and Jamie said...


Anonymous said...

they can't help but be cute; look at the genes they have, hehe. of course, that is extending back a couple generations! Grandma and Grandpa S

A Project Here...A Project There said...

sam LOVES that star teether. :)