Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Crops Have Made It!

Well, after a wet and VERY cold spring, our garden is finally harvest able. We have a lot of peas currently. Little Farmer Smith likes to pick them in her pink boots. If you come to our house for dinner, most likely, we'll serve you peas. Kohlrabi is a delicious new treat (at least for Shalisa). And we ate our first 3 crowns of broccoli recently. Yellow squash is coming along and zucchini close behind. The beets are ready and delicious, but no one but Shalisa will eat them. We planted a second spinach crop as ours bolted a few weeks ago. We should have fresh spinach again soon. We very much want a winter garden. I know we were supposed to have planted at the beginning of this month, but maybe some of the crops we can plant anyway. Anyone have any experience on this?

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kristi said...

I found this website that has some helpful info for planting times.

I (like you) am trying it this year for the first time. Keep me updated on your garden because this is a whole new area of gardening for me! We can learn from each others mistakes! :)