Friday, May 23, 2008

Starting a Co-op

Ever since I read the Sourdough Monkey Wrangler's post on "muffin money", it's been intriguing to me to see if I could try that. But be as I am not much of a haggler, I don't know if I could work it up to take my goods down to the Shelton Farmer's market and see what they might give me for my works of art. However, it has got us to thinking about starting a co-op.

The easiest way we see this could work, is any and all jobs, products, services you can/want provide are listed under your name. You need help on your deck, you call so-and-so and they tell you what they can do for you in trade for your products/services. You have a birthday party coming up and you need 10 pies, you call so-and-so to see what they can do for you in trade. I feel it's too hard to try and make a value on certain things. Some people who might do carpentry for a living might find it easier as that's what they are paid for...but other's who may do crafts or baking have a harder time with this.

So...the easiest way to start this off is get a list. We can either keep a list posted online somewhere and/or send out a hard copy of the list. Here are our products and services:

Baked goods-all varieties
Computer/Tech Services
Home construction projects
Photography and editing services
Cards (Invites etc)
Truck Hauling/Dumping

So, who's in?


beauty school drop out said...

I think thats a great idea. Not sure what I could put down. Also being out of state might make it a bit hard.

beauty school drop out said...

can i pimp out my husbands mad apple/ computer skills?

Julia said...

I've thought about this a little bit. and... WOW! You guys have a lot to offer! My lis is: Sewing, baking, babysitting, Sewing tutoring, all with "specialties" and some restrictions (like I work part-time, so a.m. babysitting is out, or I bake dry cakes but nice muffins)

.justin said...

...OR you could just do things for and with your friends cause you love them so... and ask them for help and they will help you because they love you so...

you guys need help with something?

i'm game.

that being said, and in commenting on the original post, i'd maybe recommend using a WIKI:

[learn more here.]

Eric and Jamie said...

I live kinda far from you guys, but if I can be of service, I will! Here is my list:

photo editing
pet sitting
if anyone has a plane that needs a pilot... I will lend you my hubby. :)

Eric and Jamie said...

oh! you can put us down for landscaping and home construction as well. :)

beauty school drop out said...

I was thinking of things I can add.

Snap's for diapers or other things.

Paper crafts
skin care advice.
waxing skills witha range of wax for skin types.
makeup for formal, wedding's prom ect.

Shalisa said...

In comment to .justin...

Of course, we would never turn a friend down for help. We ask for help when we need it...but...this is kind of all in our plan for the "end of times" times...with the big depression coming :) This co-op is to go beyond friends to include community people. You might have a friend that can off me something that you can't...but I'm not their friend. Understand?

Basically I wanted to use muffin money and couldn't bring myself to try it with strangers.

Julia said...

.justin, of course we all want to help each other because we love eachother so. Trading isn't un-loving. It could be fun.

james d said...

james d can offer:

house sitting (only if your house has at least one of the following wii, ps3, hot tub, better cable than me, beer or a pool)

surrogate vacationing (this is where you pay for me to take vacation for you or your family and I bring home the pictures and risk the sunburn)

back scratching (only if you are a dude, otherwise it is inappropriate)

judging(i am really good at this, you don't even have to reciprocate)