Thursday, May 15, 2008

Someone finally asked...

I re-did our blog format a few weeks ago, and in doing so I changed the subtitle to the blog. I have been DYING for someone to ask me about it, just so I could make this post. Someone (ht: Brian Dickman) made a comment this morning on it and I got to tell my story. I now share it with the rest of you:

So on Monday, May 5th (yes, Cinco de Mayo) .justin and I played basketball at the local middle school (I try and play every Monday). I was giving .justin a ride home and he requested that we stop so he could bring ice cream home to his wife. I didn't have a problem with this and so afterwards we headed down to Dairy Queen to pick up some frozen treats. Here is a (as best as I can remember it) transcript of our encounter:

DQLady: Weclome to Dairy Queen I can take your Order whenever you are ready.

Ryan to Justin in the car: Do you know what you want?

Justin: I want a Triple Chocolate Extreme and a Strawberry Cheese Quake both double stuff, I also want a burger but I am not sure which one. Go ahead and order while I think.

Ryan to DQ Lady: Alrighty, I would like to order a Triple Chocolate Extreme double stuff, Strawberry Cheese Quake double stuff, and a regular Cookie Dough, all medium. I also will order some food, one second.

Justin to Ryan: I'll take the Flamethrower Burger meal

Ryan to DQ Lady: Alrighty, and a Flamethrower burger meal

DQ Lady: I'm sorry, the burger machine is broken.

[a good 5 seconds of stunned silence]

Ryan to DQ Lady: Uhhhh... you mean you turned off the grill?

DQ Lady: We can't make any burgers because the machine is broken.

[another good 5 seconds of stunned silence]

DQ Lady: We can make fries and chicken, if there is anything else you would like.

Ryan to DQ Lady: Just one second, thinking about what we want

[justin debates what he wants, finally decides on a chicken sandwich]

Ryan to DQ Lady: I will have a Flamethrower Chicken Burger meal

DQ Lady: I'm sorry, but we can't make that, the machine is broken.

Ryan to DQ Lady: It's chicken, I thought you could make chicken....

DQ Lady: Oh, I guess we can make that, your total is (I don't remember) please pull forward.

At this point Justin and I pulled forward (in to what turned out to be the slowest line ever, took a good 30 minutes to finally get our food, definitely not FAST food) and the entire time we just kept cracking jokes about "the burger machine." I have a feeling that phrase "the burger machine is broken" will go down in my personal history as one of the funniest things I have ever heard. Maybe you had to be there, but for Justin and I, it was a healthy dose of laughter that evening...

Hence the new subtitle to TheSmithHome: "The burger machine is broken"


.justin said...

true story.

Eric and Jamie said...

That is great!

Chris said...

Dude that was the funniest thing I have heard in awhile! Laughed my butt off. Thanks for sharing!

ThePub said...

Haha! You had me laughing for a good five minutes with that!

Had a similar thing happen to me the other day too. I dropped in on Perkins for an early breakfast(only place open in Bismarck at 4am!). Their water filter wasn't working so they couldn't make me any coffee, they couldn't get me orange juice, and definitely no pop.


They could serve me a cup of agua though!

Tim LaDuke said...

You need to talk to Cyndi, she could probably tell you stories. At least the icecream machine was up and running.