Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I might just be an internet geek...

So I just watched the video by Weezer of their newest single: Pork and Beans. (I would embed the video but embedding is disabled, so you will have to click the link to watch it.

Watching the video, I was literally laughing the entire time. And then I realized that if you aren't an internet meme geek... that video is probably the most random and confusing video you have ever seen.

I think I got 99.9% of the references that were cued in the movie from Chocolate Rain to Mentos and Coke to Chris Cocker to Miss Teen South Carolina to K-Fed's PopoZao to Evolution of Dance and everythin else in between (PB Jelly Time, Afro ninja backflip, Guiness Record for T-Shirts, All Your Base, need I go on?).

And I realized, this may be THE MUSIC VIDEO of the YouTube generation. Seriously folks, this is it, regular people from all over the world, just being people, capturing it on video/television/whatever and the next thing you know, not only are they an internet meme, but now they are staring in a music video from a major rock band.

The world, it is a changin.

(Also, if you don't "get" this music video, and you think it is possibly the dumbest thing in the world, find the closest 13-17 year old you know, show it to him or her, and then have them explain to you just how awesome this video is).


Anonymous said...

.justin says:

while i would agree that it is a meme of YouTube's greatest hits, and very funny and very well done, i would not agree that it is "THE MUSIC VIDEO of the YouTube generation". to say such a thing would mean that this video would have to BE representative of the culture that embodies YouTube and it's influence on culture... this merely uses it's actors, etc.

i would say that the story of a band like OK GO [treadmill video] is THE MUSIC VIDEO of the YouTube generation because it actually embodied the culture and rode it's viral success to a great album.

i'm sort of having a hard time explaining myself, because i've got a lot on my mind for YOUth Church tonight, and i DO like the video, i just think your label of it needs a little tweaking.

Julia said...

Weezer is rad.

.justin said...

an article to note, as it relates to the video in question.

go wired!

also... now subscribed!

The AJ said...

Great music video. but I don't know about the music video of my gen.
but i don't think its ok go either.

The AJ said...

rethinking it. I would agree with ryan, that it MIGHT be the music video of my gen. because it shows that ANYONE and I mean anyone can be famous.

Koralmae said...

I'm familiar with almost all the youtube stuff you are. Maybe that's cuz I read your blog, watch South Park, and am addicted to pop culture. But seriously, most of my youtube information comes from my nightly viewing of Keith Olbermann. His show has a segement referred to as "Oddball" where the day's latest, greatest, and most viewed youtube stuff is shown. Olbermann is the one who introduced me to Chocolate Rain, Chris Crocker (Leave Britney Alone!), Dramatic Squirrel, and some really freakin weird Japanese game shows!

.justin said...

WOW! what an honor...

to have Koral cite your blog as a source for popculture along with south park is absolutely incredible.

go ryan!

one day, i hope to influence and advise people as highly as you do!

and of this olberman guy's show... maybe i should see what that's all about.

or i could just subscribe to ryan's blog... he's my internet popculture hero.


Tim LaDuke said...

I agree great video I am a huge fane of the barenaked ladies "sound of your voice video, only because they get the involvement of most all the icons. check it out here: